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Winbox version 3.0rc1 Configuration tool for RouterOS

Winbox version 3.0rc1 Configuration tool for RouterOS

Winbox version 3.0rc1 Configuration tool for RouterOS

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Change Log: MikroTik Routers and Wireless: Downloads

*) enable routing package on upgrade - to fix upgrade from 2.9 version
where routing-test package was used;
*) console - parser now accepts newlines as CR, LF, CR+LF, this fixes import;
*) user manager - using +/- image for group field show/hide instead of
confusing checkbox;
*) fixed bug - usb devices did not work;
*) console - added tab key completions in editor;
*) fixed slowness of RB112/RB133C during bootup (introduced in 3.0beta9);
*) console - fixed variable name lookup;
*) console - added back '/setup' command;
*) console - added '/system script environment';
*) console - fixed wireless interface configuration export;
*) integrated MAC Ping in to regular Ping in WinBox;
*) added support for Marvell IDE controller that is embeded in new Intel motherboards;
*) fixed bug - for routes received via RIP nexthop was invalid in some cases;
*) added 'get' tool for downloading files to router via HTTP or FTP;
*) console - some properties could not be set via API, fixed;
*) user manager - fixed bug for PayPal payments with user data containing
specific characters;
*) ip proxy - setting parent proxy did not work;
*) fixed bug - dst-active was not updated after time update by NTP;
*) console:
fixed 'do' arguments in '/tool bandwidth-test' and other
inside expressions variables can be referenced without putting
'$' before variable name;
'find' commands have new argument 'where' that allows to write
filtering condition as console expression;
when entering commands from prompt, global variables can be used without
declaring them;

Overall highlights of Winbox 3:

    Remembers all layout details between sessions
    Inline comments global setting
    Winbox loader can self upgrade
    Choose any of the saved sessions when connecting to a router
    Group, filter and sort saved routers
    Set up master password to encrypt router database
    Move database to dropbox or copy to a different PC
    Import or export database to Winbox 2 format
    Ability to keep Loader open when connecting
    If connection is lost, it will offer to reconnect later
    Log can be sorted, and now has columns

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Winbox version 3.0rc1 Configuration tool for RouterOS

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